Khodor Ammar

Software engineer with more than a decade of digital experience. Building websites, web apps, and mobile applications. I help teams focus on performance, accessibility, and development efficiency.
In my free time I read fantasy books.

Technical skills

I'm fluent in Javascript, HTML, CSS, and everything React. On the backend, Node.js and document-based databases. I know my way around Python. I'm comfortable in DevOps. I work daily on improving my skill set and on learning new tricks.


2020 - Present

Engineering Manager at Klarna in Stockholm, Sweden

In 2020 I moved to Sweden to join Klarna as a Senior Engineer and later took the role of an Engineering Manager. I'm currently managing a group of engineers working on Klarna's front-end widgets.

2017 - 2020

Technical Lead at Hogarth World Wide in Dubai, UAE

In 2017 I joined Hogarth as a Technical lead for one of the company's biggest client. I led a dedicated team and worked closely with multiple teams both on Hogarth and the client' side.

2014 - 2017

Technical Lead at Prototype Interactive in Dubai, UAE

In 2014 I moved to Dubai to join a lead role in Prototype. I led the development, helped establish the company's technical vision, and ensured code quality and best practices.

2009 - 2014

Lead Web Developer at STeP in Beirut, Lebanon

I joined Step straight out of college where I worked on business marketing web apps as a full stack developer. I later took on the role of the lead web developer.



MS In Web Development from the Lebanese University,
Faculty of Sciences II


BS in Computer Science from the Lebanese University,
Faculty of Sciences I



Winner, Battle of the bots.
With the Help of IBM Watson, we've built a witty chatbot that competed and won against other chatbots.


Winner, Hackamena.
With a team of three, I've built a life-saving app to allow cardiac arrest witnesses to signal for help from nearby CPR-trained people, who would rush to start CPR before the Emergency services arrive.


My native language is Arabic, but I'm fluent in English. I know enough French not to get lost in Paris.


Since 2007, I'm a certified Emergency Medical Technician at the Lebanese Red Cross. Also, I'm a trainer in leadership, teamwork, and conflict resolution.